Lehyam by Bhamaveda

Lehyam or confections are preparations that are rich in fat (pure ghee). Most of these preparations are very tasty and palatable as they are thickened extracts of herbs that are rich in raisins, spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and saffron. Lehyams are commonly used in treating children owing to their palatability. Lehyams are one of Sadvaidyasala’ s specialities and fully conform to text book description of lehyams, which are; i) stringy consistency ii) should sink in water iii) should not stick to the finger when rolled into a ball and iv) should be able to hold a thumb impression. With the exception of Kandamalaka Rasayana where honey is added to it after finishing, all our lehyams show all the properties mentioned above. Lehyams are available in 100g, 200g, 300g, 500g and 1000g packs.

Lehyam (Vaidya's Collection)

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