Deep Nourishing Hair Oil - 40ml

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Extra care for your hair with deep nourish

Promotes new hair & reduces hair loss. Visibly improves volume while imparting a nice shine. Controls frizz and nourishes scalp & roots.

Ingredients: Extracts from Bringaraj, Nutgrass, Walnut, Fenugreek, Indigo, Kalonji, Onion, Sweet Almond, Tea tree essential oil, Rosemary oil, Coconut oil and Castor oil. Free from artificial preservatives, colourants, fragrances and petrochemicals. 100% vegetarian.

Directions: Gently massage into scalp ensuring the entire scalp is covered. Leave on for at least 30 minutes. Cleanse with Zuame Hair Wash and warm water. May also be left on overnight if desired. For best results use three times a week.

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